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USPS International Mail Rates boosting :Protecting you from Rate Hikes

USPS International Mail Rates boosting :Protecting you from Rate Hikes

The USPS is increasing prices once again in 2018, but Atlas Global Mail has options in place to truly save our clients money and bypass the USPS completely. Call 800-852-0889 for a totally free no obligation estimate. You are able to save yourself 50% off USPS retail rates with Atlas’ discount international mailing services.

provider Alerts

Mail provider Alert: Asia

India’s articles recommends operations at Kochi airport terminal are suspended until August 26 as a result of serious flooding in Kerala state, and for that reason, you can find delays in mail processed and distributed through Kochi. ukrainian bride Consequently, mail shall be temporarily re-routed through Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai workplaces of change. Truly, we shall monitor the specific situation, and we alert customers of delays.

Mail provider Alert: Italy

First of all of the, Italy’s post suggests a connection collapse Aug. 14 in Genoa has impacted mail transport. Moreover, processing and delivery in certain areas is delayed. As an outcome, postal codes with direct effects include 16149 and 16151. Much more, the connection ended up being for a primary highway connecting Italy with all the southern shore of France and Spain. Consequently, delays may distribute beyond Italy. Consequently, we will be monitoring the specific situation, and clients may be alerted of any delays.

Mail provider Alert: Indonesia

Indonesia’s post suggests an earthquake on Lombok Island damaged post that is many, and you can find delays in mail processing and delivery. We shall monitor the problem, and we alert customers of delays.

Mail provider Alert: Brazil

Brazilian Post suggests inbound and outbound worldwide dispatches and mail distribution (page post, parcels and EMS) are going to be delayed because of a vehicle motorist hit and highway blockade since might 22. Consequently, we are monitoring the problem, and clients is likely to be alerted of every delays.

Mail Service Alert: Guatemala

Most mail solutions to Guatemala have already been temporarily suspended. Discount worldwide mailing is presently unavailable to Guatemala. Until further notice, just worldwide Express Guaranteed (GXG) solution will nevertheless be available. The suspension system impacts Priority Mail Express Global, Priority Mail Global, First-Class Mail Global, First-Class Package Global Service, Overseas Priority Airmail, Overseas Surface Air Lift and M-Bag items. Therefore, our company is maybe perhaps perhaps not suggesting mail that is sending Guatemala at the moment.

Much more, the Postal Service will go back to sender currently deposited items except that GXG addressed to Guatemala. For just about any returned product bearing a traditions kind, in addition to anything delivered with Priority Mail Express Global service, the Postal provider will, upon demand, reimbursement postage and costs on mail came back because of the suspension system of solution.

All other returned products maybe maybe maybe not bearing a traditions declarations type will, upon request, reimbursement postage and charges on mail came back as a result of suspension system of solution, or the transmitter may re-mail all of them with the postage that is existing solution to Guatemala happens to be restored. Finally, when re-mailing under this choice, clients must cross the markings “Mail Service out Suspended — Return to Sender.” Atlas Overseas Mail happens to be monitoring this ongoing problem for more than a 12 months, so we continue steadily to suggest against mailing to Guatemala unless it really is essential.

Mail provider Alert: Australia

The Australia Post states that serious weather in areas of Queensland Australia is impacting mail solution and delivery of most mail items for postcodes 4737-4895. We usually do not expect delays that are major but Atlas Overseas Mail continues to monitor the specific situation.

Mail provider Alert: Bolivia

Regular mail service to Bolivia has resumed, but Priority Mail Global continues to be unavailable.

Many mail solution to Bolivia was temporarily stopped by the Bolivian federal government. Discount international mailing is suspended to Guatemala. Consequently, just international Express Guaranteed solution is nevertheless available. Many noteworthy, this impacts Priority Mail Express Global, Priority Mail Global (currently unavailable to Bolivia), First-Class Mail Overseas, First-Class Package Overseas provider, Global Priority Airmail, Overseas Surface Air Lift and M-Bag products. May seem like, normal solution might be unavailable for sometime, and until normal service resumes Atlas Overseas Mail can look for other mailing options.

Mail provider Alert: Mexico

Mexico’s post suggests it will probably commence a information center migration on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. neighborhood time. Consequently, dispatches of incoming and outgoing mail and, electronic data interchange transmissions may be interrupted from the period until Feb. 19 at 8 a.m. As being outcome, Atlas Overseas Mail will likely to be monitoring the problem, and clients will likely be alerted of every delays.

Mail provider Alert: Republic of Chad

Chad’s post recommends it was struggling to deliver or dispatch worldwide mailings since Feb. 1 due to a attack. Being outcome, Atlas Global Mail would be monitoring the problem, and clients is going to be alerted of every delays.

Finally, the attack in Chad had ended, and workers that are postal delivering mail once again. Consequently, there may remain delays from sitting mail, but we anticipate distribution to go back to normal quickly.

Atlas International Mail has a considerable number of Services

First, Atlas Global Mail has always centered on delivering worldwide mail in the lowest cost feasible. So, we’ve had to branch down into other solutions to help keep those rates low. Many noteworthy, we provide a line that is full of data solutions. Also, Atlas includes a complete assortment of letter-shop and satisfaction solutions. Because of this, we could keep expenses lower supplying our very own discount worldwide mailing services. On the other hand, other mailers depend on outside events to meet these ongoing solutions at a greater expense with their clients. additionally, a number of the bigger organizations which do provide these ongoing solutions due therefore at reasonably limited cost. Appears like, a lot of their solutions frequently boost your mailing expenses to increase exactly what Atlas can provide. Undoubtedly, Atlas can help you save money mailing internationally, but we are able to additionally provide a complete much more.

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