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UFC FN147 Betting Tips & Plays

View the Stakes that are MMABETMACHINE below for UFC FN147:

Jorge Masvidal Breakdown:
Masvidal is seeking to upset the hometown hero in a struggle that appears closer than the odds signal. Until is a powerful striker but lacks volume and variety. A lot of his embryo revolves around his huge left hand and body kick. In a greater paced struggle, particularly over 5 rounds, his cardio may seem to be exposed. Masvidal is the a lot more experienced of the two but has a few questions of his own regarding his drive to stay on peak of the ranks. Overall he is the more well rounded fighter and when he can guess our Till’s singular offence could potentially have an edge standing. Additionally if he can mix in a few takedowns, Masvidal has the far superior submission match. The dimensions of Till is a large factor and also the first rounds will be very dangerous for Masvidal who is historically durable. The path to victory looks to be via a high paced struggle where he takes over late for a close or finish decision victory. Considering that the +200 chances the value is located with the dog.Dominick Reyes Breakdown:
Reyes comes into this fight as the brightest potential of this branch. Volkan Oezdemir made his way to the top before being vulnerable and currently sits on a two fight losing streak. He’s harmful in the first round but is due to crippling cardio issues. Reyes has looked in cruise control during his 4-0 UFC run including a three round decision against OSP. He revealed he can maintain his offence rounds and remain dangerous. This matchup probably remains on the toes and the span and wide range of Reyes will provide Oezdemir problems. If he can’t find first round success expect Reyes to take over and potentially even drag this to the mat to look for a finish.
Bet = Reyes in 1.43 (-230) odds. Risk 4 Units to win 1.72 Units.
Nathaniel Wood Breakdown:
Wood is a thrilling prospect and has demonstrated well rounded abilities throughout his career. Unlike most young fighters, he has a record to match the hype and was tested throughout his brief career. Quinonez seems to be outmatched in nearly every aspect and lacks the power necessary to make up for his ability deficiencies. He’s tough but will require a good deal of damage early, that will quickly add up. Expect a big win from Wood here in front of the home audience.
Bet = Reyes in 1.36 (-280) odds. Risk 5 Components to win 1.80 Units.
Danny Roberts Breakdown:
Claudio Silva is a entry pro but lacks depth to the rest of his skill set. On the feet Roberts will have a massive benefit and will be seeking to capitalise on Silva’s sloppy entries. Roberts has decent skills on the ground and is very athletic that could help him moan out of ancient grappling attempts. Make no mistake, Silva can acquire this when he can get early takedowns but if not it will be all Roberts. An early KO is potential if Roberts can capture Silva, but a drawn out fight are also bad news for the 36 year old since he becomes slow and hittable. Underdog chances are introduced on a fight that may go either way.
Bet = Roberts at 2.30 (+130) odds. Risk 3 Units to acquire 3.90 Units.
Saparbeg Safarov Breakdown:
Nick Negumereanu is on debut and looks to have built his album fighting quite poor opposition on the Euro circuit. In reality his recent opponents boast records such as 2W-15L or 12W-41L! Safarov is no world beater but he is tough as nails and brings a constant pressure on both the feet and grappling department. Whilst quite hittable, Safarov takes a shot to send and Negumereanu wont have felt this kind of resistance before. Look for the more recognized fighter to deliver the battle and rack up points and damage. Negumereanu does not look impressive and may get run over if Safarov lands ancient takedowns. At underdog odds it might be well worth backing toughness over potential.
Bet = Safarov at 2.45 (+145) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 4.35 Units.
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