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Ryan Kerrigan flexing on way to Redskins sack record

Celebrating such as the”Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and sacking like just another Washington Redskins participant ahead of him, Ryan Kerrigan has no plans for slowing down anytime soon.
While 31 wills turn in August, his daughter Lincoln was welcomed into the world in March and becoming a father has inspired his own livelihood to be elongated by Kerrigan.
“I’d like my daughter and more future children to be able to remember some component of my football career,” Kerrigan told the Rundown podcast via the team website. “I don’t want them hearing me talk about football and like,’Oh, daddy’s living before, such as he probably was not even very good.’
“I need them to have the ability to experience a great deal of the pleasure that comes with being a professional soccer player and remember the experiences they have.”
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No signs of a slowed measure have hindered Kerrigan however, as he is racked up double-digit sacks in 3 successive seasons — and four of the last five — with three consecutive Pro Bowl selections. A four-time Pro Bowler, Kerrigan’s 84.5 sacks are next on Washington’s all-time record behind Dexter Manley’s 91.0.
As a newcomer in 2011 after Washington drafted him in the first round, Kerrigan submitted 7.5 sacks. That’s stood as his career low, therefore he’ll eclipse Manley this season if his numbers are preserved.
“I will never take any sack for granted since they are all hard to get,” Kerrigan said. “But yeah, we will cross that bridge when it comes.”
Since 2014, a bit of flex and flash has followed Kerrigan’s sacks. Both biceps flexed, one knee bent, the leg it’s a pose connected with a longtime World Wrestling Entertainment star, Michaels and Hall of Famer. It is as Kerrigan has notched 13 sacks in each of his previous two seasons, a celebration that has been called upon quite a great deal.
“It just caught on like wildfire,” Kerrigan said. “I had been a Shawn Michaels fan before and it was insane how quickly it turned into something.”
Observing such as HBK will be a matter for many sacks to come, if Kerrigan’s programs fall in line.

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