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Proven NBA Betting Systems: The Tunnel System

The Tunnel System

Imagine having the ability to drastically reduce your risk of loss in every bet you make. By using the Tunnel Betting System you can. This sneaky approach benefit from the fact that competing sportsbooks often offer you different game stinks while still offering the same odds.

For instance, let us say that one sportsbook gets the match complete for your Hawks vs. Rockets in 216 points, while another has it in 213 points. In both cases, the Rockets are recorded as nine-point favorites.

In the event that you should use the Tunnel System, you would bet the below (213) at one sportsbook, and also the over (216) at a different sportsbook. In case the final combined score between the Hawks and Rockets is 214 or 215, you will have successfully won either of your bets. If, however, it falls outside of that”tunnel,” then you’re still confident to win one of your two bets.

Winning just one of these two stakes will result in a small net loss since you’ll generally have to lay -110 odds on the two wagers. To be able to reap the benefits of the Tunnel System, you need to win both bets roughly 10% of their time. However, given the”tunnel” is the most probable result, it surely has the capacity to be profitable.

The Tunnel System also requires one to do your homework. Even though there are slight discrepancies between several sportsbooks, it’s rare to find totals that are larger than two points. If you do find one, make certain that you pounce!

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