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Oscars 2019 Betting Tips: Who Will Win, Who Should Win & Who Are Dark Horses?

Who will be the favorites and underdogs for every category at the Oscars this year? Continue reading for our gambling tips and forecasts for this year’s ceremony.
The nominations are in and also the short lists are revealed for the 91st Annual Awards — or because they are more affectionally known — The Oscars. On Sunday 24th February 2019, Hollywood’s greatest stars, new and old, will fulfill the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to find out who will walk away with a coveted Academy Award and (more significantly ) to witness whatever dramas, controversies, and award snubs might happen.
The 2019 nominations came with a few raised eyebrows and plenty of cheering in the rafters. Roma and The Favourite guide the way with 10 nominations apiece using A Star Is Born and Vice both procuring 8. The biggest surprise is Black Panther bagging a total of 7 nods, including one for Best Picture, which makes it the very first superhero film to be nominated for its maximum award.
But now everybody’s attention turns to the ceremony itself, that the eventual winners will be and where cash can be made by correctly calling the results. Who is a sure thing and where would be the very best chances of an upset? Here I’ll take you who will win, that should win and who is a dark horse in most of the important 6 categories, which means you’ve got the best tips on where to place your money.
Best Picture
“Black Panther”
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“The Favourite”
“Green Book”
“A Star Is Born”
The biggest award of the night isn’t a stranger to controversies; The La La Land/Moonlight mix up of 2017 and Shakespeare In Love winning over Saving Private Ryan in 1999 spring into mind. So, to ever assume that this category is a lock is a fool’s game. With that being said, last year’s winner for Best Picture and manager – The Shape Of Water and Guillermo Del Toro respectively – were roughly as easy to predict as you’ll see. It’s one of those things we love about the Oscars and the finest Picture race specifically — it is either a boring, easy-to-call affair or an outrageous controversy… the challenge is, you never know which one you are going to find each year!
This year’s front runner is Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma. Virtually everything about it screams’win’: it’s a black and white foreign language film with no score, long takes, shot superbly and directed by a prior Best Director winner in Cuaron. The single red flag is it is a Netflix movie. Roma is the first Netflix movie to be nominated for Best Picture and because of this nobody really knows what effect that is going to have on its own chances of winning. Personally, I don’t believe being a Netflix movie will damage it at all, I actually think it could help it since the movie has been much more accessible to crowds that some of its rivals. But the fact of the matter is, nobody really understands and only time will tell.
Hot on the heels of Roma are Green Book, The Favourite, and A Star Is Born. Of the 3, The Favourite is, well… the preferred to steal the prize. Ahead of nominations, Green Book would have been up there. But with the news that Green Book’s director Peter Farrelly and A Star Is Born manager, Bradley Cooper equally failed to procure Best Director nominations, this has undoubtably hurt both movies chances of winning Best Picture. I still think Green Book has an opportunity of making a late rise to the surface but since it currently stands, Roma is the one to conquer.
As great as BlacKKKlansman and Bohemian Rhapsody were movies, their Best Picture nominations are charge sufficient and that I can not see either movie challenging for the win here. The exact same goes to Vice; even though grabbing 8 nominations, the movie has had blended critics testimonials and I can not see the Academy rewarding a film about Dick Cheney with its highest award of the evening.
Now, let us discuss Black Panther; although the movie has a total of 7 nominations, none of them are for acting, screenplay or directing without a super hero film has been nominated for Best Picture, let alone won it. So, there is no way it could win, right? Realistically, no. But in Hollywood anything could happen and Black Panther winning the top prize might be the second step in the evolution of cinema along with the Academy Awards.
Black Panther is written, directed and largely created by black filmmakers and at a year in which the film business has been forced to have a long hard look at itself, a party of diversity in Hollywood is not only long overdue, but may well be a significant focus of this 2019 ceremony.
Think about this also; Dark Panther grossed over $1 Million worldwide. Yes, it’s an action-packed, CGI adventure, but there is much more to it than that. Just like many previous Best Picture nominees and winners, Black Panther tackles a host of timely and pertinent questions about race and prejudice. The more I consider it, the more I believe, it really could happen!

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