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Incredible Sulk: Boris Johnson cut into odds-on to be the shortest serving Prime Minister EVER

Paddy Power have slashed at odds on Boris Johnson getting the shortest serving Prime Minister ever into 5/6.
Mr Johnson has handled in office up to now, but is facing substantial pressure following a series of mishaps and competitive moves.
Underneath 119 days, should he serve, he would put the record for the shortest period in office.
By stripping 21 coworkers of their party membership for voting from a Brexit MPs shocked. This prompted 100 Tory MPs to write to Mr Johnson expressing their outrage.
He has lost his parliamentary majority and noticed opposition parties rally. As his armoury proceeds to weaken, of quickening the UK’s departure from the EU by the end of 25, Mr Johnson’s probability seem increasingly slim.
There’s a strong chance that a general election will be called before the year’s close. Should that lead to an Tory defeat, he can feasibly be gone before November. This could make him the shortest functioning PM ever.
A November election is priced at 7/4??in areas, although October is a long shot in 33/1.
George Canning holds the record for the shortest serving Prime Minister, having held office for 118 weeks before his passing cut his tenure.
Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson:”It hasn’t come as a surprise that Boris Johnson has caused such a stir in his brief time in No. 10 Downing Street.
“His’bull in a china shop’ strategy has riled hordes of MPs out of his party and throughout the resistance . If Brexit continues with this devastating route we could well see him leave before November.”

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