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Giants vs. Bears Pick – NFL Pre-Season Week 2 – Aug. 16th

Week 2 of This pre-season continues into the weekend as the Chicago Bears Visit the Meadowlands for a Friday night showdown vs. the New York Giants.

While both of these teams are slated to be about opposite ends of this spectrum in the coming regular season, it has come to be instantly clear that both Chicago and New York are handling the pre-season differently.
For the Bears, they’re primed for yet another run in the NFC North title and because of this are actually easing many of their starters to the normal season. They do play with the first game of this season also, kicking off against Green Bay on Thursday, September 5th.
On the opposite side would be the Giants. Following an impressive showing in a week’s game, there’s suddenly a whole lot of optimism for the lowly Giants. They beat the Jets last week using a high octane assault, and newcomer first-round quarterback Daniel Jones looked thrilling in his debut. Many fans and pundits alike are surely eager to see what he can perform in Season two with protracted time and also some repetitions with the first-teamers. How long will it be before Daniel Jones exceeds Eli Manning as the beginning? This is surely a situation to watch going forward.
As far as exhibition games go, this is expected to be quite the leading match-up on Friday night — loaded with intrigue, drama, and storylines. Continue reading underneath as we delve into the depth on either side, in addition to offer you a winner to start your weekend off on the ideal note. Enjoy the Giants vs. Bears!
Chicago Bears +2 (-115)
@ New York Giants -2 (-105)
More than 42 (-110)
Beneath 42 (-110)
Few teams approach the record of pre-season games with more indifference than the Chicago Bears right now. Head coach Matt Nagy has repeatedly been on listing lamenting the period of the schedule and how it’s not an environment he wants to really expose his starters to. He has seen some unfortunate accidents occur in meaningless games and desperately wants to avoid that scenario again. Last week,” Mitchell Trubisky was content to hand off the ball multiple occasions, and just like that — his day was completed. Anticipate an identical output in Week 2.
The Bears have instead prioritized simulated matches and replicating real circumstances in a more controlled atmosphere for their group. They rented out a stadium, place in lights, rented a DJ, etc. — to make an atmosphere which can replicate opening night on September 5th. The starters received a ton of repetitions based on Nagy and that he had been satisfied with the action seen from the first-team defense and crime. Consequently, do not expect much activity in the famous Bears gamers around Friday night. It will be lots of Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray on Friday evening, and that ought to be quite a welcome sight to get a hungry Giants’ defense.
For New York, they are treating this competition somewhat differently as they didn’t go out and program their own practice match. This will be their clinic, and all signs are that their novices will observe a solid chunk of time, likely for up of an entire quarter. Head coach Pat Shurmur had to alter his strategy of attack a week because of a severe weather delay, but with clear skies in sight — it sounds as if he’ll let both Eli Manning and Daniel Jones play the vast majority of the starters, and also the first-team offensive line. That is good news to the Giants and good intel for bettors of this battle. The edge ought to be significant in having the Giants’ starters probably feast on the Bears’ backups for at least an entire quarter.
Behind Manning and Jones, Shurmur has said he would also prefer to rate another QB’s on the roster — Alex Tanney along with Kyle Lauletta. While neither inspire much confidence beneath center, the lead New York owns from the first half ought to be very much safe into the second-half for a full game bet. If you’re feeling stressed, you can always bet that the G-Men in just the first half of it, but New York should be comfortable winners in front of their home crowd. Expect another solid outing for Daniel Jones to continue to build on.

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