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FA technical director Les Reed: Gareth Southgate wants to win with England

The technical director Les Reed, made to succeed Dan Ashworth of the Football Association, believes England are within touching distance of attaining something below Gareth Southgate — a significant trophy since 1966.
Here before taking up the job at the FA, Reed, who was vice-chairman of Southampton, talks into Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett concerning his role and coming into St Mary’s before England Qualifier from Kosovo.
Back in Southampton with the England team, that must be quite a particular moment?
Yes very much so, fantastic. That I know everyone although it was a small bit spooky heading back to the training ground on the day. They are amazing people and they have been so eager to own England and they’re facilities that are excellent and we’ve had great comments.
I had been a little bit nervous about it is a nice place and what they believed but everybody’s really appreciated it so it’s helped to become more relaxed.
Gareth Southgate’s often talked about he says you get a setting that is different and it may help, is?
Yeah, I think we need to balance off the company part of possessing Wembley and all those individuals committed to arrangements in terms of fans going to matches and Wembley.
I had been with the England team when [Wembley] was knocked down so we went to Old Trafford, St James’ Park, we went into many areas and it does help a lot concerning engagement with the lovers taking it across the country.
It’s getting the balance right. It’s been a excellent practice.
You have been FA Technical Director. It has changed from 17 decades ago?
Howard Wilkinson was the first Technical Director therefore a thing was developing from scratch afterward. So it was about planning and excited about the future it was folks, we did not have St George’s Park.
As soon as I return it had been huge, there was 300 personnel from the department all the way through , futsal, blind that is para teams.
We need all our teams to get the best criteria, the quality that is best. They are all currently playing in world championships and European championships and St George’s Park is a bonus to bring this together. It would have been impossible before.
My remit really is across all of those groups but also all of the support services that go with that, sports science, sports medicine, talent identification plus a huge coach education department which delivers coaching from the grassroots all the way through to the expert license through to the technical manager’s licence.
It is a huge remit with a lot of employees and I getting to know some of these not all of them. Where everything is logical, it has been very exciting, really, very different from the club function.
It’s kind of round the fixture calendar along with the transfer window but each day in this task can differ, so this week I am outside on camp with the seniors a week we had the FIFA Technical Managers’ seminar at St George’s Park, together with 28 Technical Directors from around Europe that we hosted, and this again was a great adventure, learning about how they do it elsewhere.
It is much larger but it will give us the chance to be at the cutting edge and push on things.
Your role has had success and demonstrated it’s necessary.
Over these past two weeks we’ve had the seniors preparing for their off games of the women, followed with U18s girls and the U19s we had the younger teams in during the groundwork with the team.
It was just like a club, we’d the youth groups inside, the coaches from your academy in a really, very excellent atmosphere, and it is something that the plan for St George’s Park would be, and that’s the cover of the academy platform that’s now starting to deliver quality from the game.
As the pool of talented players is getting larger, it’s a very exciting time, we have got players such as Jadon [Sancho] getting that sort of experience that can only be good for global football and heading out to Germany.
Is that pool of ability as heavy as it’s ever been?
I think so it will transcend the age groups all that it’s deep now. We’ve had the’golden generation’, we’ve had these pockets of one specific age group of talented players but also the work that’s done in academies along with the slow development and of the growth of St George’s Park and the arrangement, along with the England DNA, today we’ve got depth.
Because it is deeper, the swimming pool is larger and it’s wider. But obviously there are so many places at global level.
Mason Mount Aaron Wan-Bissaka needed to go home and gamers that have come through the pathway discover that transition easier. They’re relaxed If they step into, they are cool.
As they’re playing against the older global players each week so the other thing is matched with minutes on the pitch, they have a certain amount of admiration. So that’s the next task for us will be to receive them more minutes to the pitch.
If the senior guys of England do not win a trophy do you deem your tenure to be a loser?
I would not deem it a failure but I’d be disappointed because I think we’ve got an opportunity to win a decoration. We got shut at the world Cupwe learnt a lot of lessons from that, I believe that the journey into the semi-final was great for us.
I think that it wasn’t anticipated that we would go that far but it’s a positive that is terrific that people did. The players who experienced players who are together and we’ve got players that have won championships before in the age categories that are in the pathway.
We talk a great deal about teaching gamers to acquire the federal team is about winning, why do it?
We think there is a really, very talented team of players who have an opportunity to grow over the course of the next European Championship leading in the second World Cup and also on the women’s side they have done the exact same, they have undergone the semi-final, they’ve qualified for the Olympics, they’re quite enthusiastic about that.
So the chances are there. Folks would assess whether my tenure has been a failure if we don’t win it, but that’s what I have set out to try and reach.
My job will be to find those additional inches, so the marginal benefits which so often get mentioned to take from semi-finalists, to finalists, to winners, so Gareth and Phil [Neville], especially at the older end, can focus on picking the perfect teams, obtaining the tactics right and winning these games.
We do not want any explanations that it had been anything which stopped us doing it. My occupation will be the machine to make it operate smoothly.
Is Gareth Southgate the ideal mentor in world soccer in your view?
I believe that the matter with Gareth is he has put a profile for a role model for what the national team trainer should be like. So you’ve said it yourself there, he knows the pathway.
He had been the U21 coach but he was also when he came in responsible for this pathway for its groups. So Gareth’s got understanding of the players on the pathway that is what you want from the global manager.
Before we have had managers that are great, they have won Champions Leagues, they have won the Premier League, they’ve won championships, however as club managers and a difference is there.
Gareth’s own pathway for this role continues to be a big advantage, because now we’ve got the profile, we’ve got the perfect person, that which we have to do now is make certain that is the profile of coach we’re growing for the future.
Would you be convinced that you could persuade him to stay if there came a Premier League club in?
Definitely. It would be a difficult request based on what he had been provided. But I understand Gareth’s mindset right now is that he wishes to be an England boss that wins something, needs to be an England manager who is effective in Europe.
I believe that the allure of being the next England manager to draw us to some World Cup final is a pull and also I think by doing his stock is not going to return, he understands that.
I know that Gareth’s motivation is with this team and developing that team moving ahead although it’s something that we have at the back of our heads. I think in the second Gareth’s sole focus is to win games although it would depend on what came up.
You’ve been in football a long time and had a good deal of roles. . Have any been as fascinating?
I think it’s a role that gives a chance to bring that experience to the table on a number of different fronts, from coach instruction from the team so I’ve been blessed to have a career to me.
As one of my team yesterday, said, you’ve read a lot of novels and noticed a great deal of movies. I believe {I can bring that to the table and it will excite me because it’s so different|I can bring that to the table as it is so different and it will excite me|I will bring that to the desk since {

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