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European Tour Betting Picks: OMEGA European Masters

Well, the little Irishman failed it!
Rory McIlroy teed off Thursday at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta using a 5 stroke disadvantage to the FedEx Cup points leader Justin Thomas and finished the final round up on Sunday 5 strokes and 4 ahead of runner-up Xander Schauffele.
It was a performance from McIlroy who took quite a bit of flack throughout the season for seemingly not being the athlete.
He did have a few tournaments where it appeared that he was possibly in route but faltered and fell far down the leaderboard.
We always seem to remember the negatives first.
When you take a look at how many championships he participates in (19) and also the quantity of top ten finishes he had (14), it brings what was his very best season ever clearly into focus.
He is easily the favorite as you might imagine and if we can not write him off, I am not going to go all-in him .
Fellow PGA Tour Championship competition Tommy Fleetwood left the trek too and is now sitting at 10 to 1 for a victory.
Right up there together are fellow UK star and back-to-back European Masters defending winner Matthew Fitzpatrick whose present gaming chances to win are set at (+800).
The Fitzpatrick is only 24-years-old but has already made his mark on the European Union but about the PGA Tour as well.
He had been runner-up in the Arnold, 21st in The Masters, 20th at the Open Championship, and 12th at the United States Open in 2019.
The Northwestern alum cannot be discounted in your betting spread for this weekend.
BetOnline sportsbook gets the odds that this week.
Let’s get after it!
The Dane isn’t in his best shape as of late but the favorable course history is not there.
A number of the winners here have flown not in all swinging a club but thus done regardless.
He is coming off of nearly a month break, therefore it’s not like he’s worn down.
Off the time might well have helped him recover from a block or a slight injury.
These are “maybe’s”. I know, but this man missing out in this tournament at a playoff with Fitzpatrick completing 17 performed.
Lucas was ten in 2017.
I would think his odds to get a top twenty five finish would be longer or -115, if it were not for his latest form.
Let us take him at 2 1 to kick off things.
Last year’s winning Ryder Cup team, Tommy Fleetwood’s protagonist and face is described in 1 word, astonishing.
He comes through, whenever he is ignored and as soon as the expectations are put onto his shoulders beside his golden locks, the Brit seems to disappoint.
Well, even though he’s your golfer on the board supporting Rory and Fitzpatrick, he isn’t being given much of a chance to win by many experts.
That’s okay. When you think about the field of competitors A success is going to be hard for any golfer .
He is liked by me plus money, however, to get a .
When not players in this tournament and as I said, loves to surprise us, he is definitely among the top 5.
He does have three 20s adding a couple top 10s to his title at Crans-sur-Sierre since his introduction here in 2012, although he hasn’t been great since of late.
We’d be discussing Tommy Fleetwood as the 2019 Open Championship winner, if it weren’t for a Shane Lowrey.
What impressed me even more than that was that his 4th place tie alongside fellow Brit Fitzpatrick at the St Jude Invitational.
I visit Tommy displaying his locks in addition to his abilities and returning to his house continent in fashion this week.
Alright, here’s a good opportunity to come out ahead with just 1 wager in all our bets.
Hend is at the exact bottom of this gambling odds list this past week.
Therefore, why are we picking him?
He also had been a runner-up in 2016 and 2017. He shot Fitzpatrick the eventual winners and Alex Noren times.
This past calendar year, eh, 45th but brought his odds to where they are then I’m cool with it.
His latest form is no bueno but has a win at the Tour this past year in the Maybank Championship.
Scott’s long-hitting prowess probably will not help him this week but he definitely knows the way to play this course, therefore I do not see anything wrong with throwing 12.50 down to create 100 bucks for just a high twenty.
The 46-year-old is coming from a couple of months of rest.
This young guy has mastered this tournament in the recent past.
Not only is he the champ but also comes with a runner up finish here in 2015 along with a T7 at’16.
Fitz is also in excellent form.
He finished 1 shot behind the winner last week at the Scandanavian Masters, 4th at St Jude, 20t at The Open and placed 12th at the US Open.
What about the pressure of the hat trick getting into the young guy?
I’m not buying it. The presence of the newly crowned FedEx Cup Champion Rory McIlroy will probably pull only enough of the focus from him thus allowing him to fully concentrate on the job ahead.
Today that was we have already mentioned his name.
Give him some dough.
Last week was rather enjoyable!
The cascading beginning strokes method worked out well in the event you consider it.
Rahm and Webb Simpson fell to the center of the pack but minus 10 Justin Thomas didn’t run off with this, along with the best three arguably best golfers of 2019 completed in these positions.
Rory McIlroy was the most impressive golfer. He started a couple of strokes finishing a few before a guy who obtained a lot more positive press than him all year long in Brooks Koepka.
McIlroy will soon be in action today. Many are writing him off but I do not think he would have entered this tournament if he didn’t have any intention of doing.
The area is thick this week with all the players on the European Tour obtaining the golden opportunity to compete in the Summer.
I don’t know about you but my Instagram was chocked full of pics and movies of those magnificent Summer arenas.
I would like to be in attendance to this one.
Perhaps next year…
Tune in if you can after you receive in your bets, or locate a flow online. This ought to be an enjoyable one!

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