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Burnley’s style of play is now unique among Premier League teams

I believe you get judged against the sport now. What are you doing against the norms of the game? Im not really bothered. Should football teams play a single way? They simply wont because not everyone is able to do exactly the same thing. — Sean Dyche
The Burnley manager has faced criticism of his teams style of play. For a while, he railed against it. Now, he seems to have admitted it. But as his remark aboutthe standards of the game indicates – it is misleading to assert that not everyone can do precisely the identical thing. Theres an increasing feeling in the Premier League that practically everyone is currently doing that.
It had been the topic of a discussion about Monday Night Football regarding the tendency for groups to choose their rather than as was once habitual, knock the ball . Any manager now, if they believe in playing like this or not, I believe theyll feel forced, explained Gary Neville. If you do not play out from the back youll be tagged a dinosaur
Its a threat that Dyche is ready to operate from the expectation of continued to overachieve together with Burnley. When goalkeeper Nick Pope became the first player to hit 100 unsuccessful moves this season, the season was just five matches old. 80 had not been hit at by anybody at the time. So far this season, Pope has struck 89 percent of the passes long – more than anyone else.
The England international hasnt gone rogue here. It is part of this strategy. Burnley play by far the highest percentage of long passes of any group in the Premier League – 23.5 percent in total. The most by any other group in the competition is 19.6 percent by newly-promoted Sheffield United. Theres a noticeable difference in approach between the remainder and Burnley.
Dyche is eligible to believe it is working for them. Ashley Barnes found the net four times in the first three games partnered in attack from the robust Chris Wood. Both guys are forward in the Premier League for duels contested. It is.
Also the design contrast as well as deeper becomes much more obvious. In regards to maneuver sequences of even more or 10 – that the bread and butter of most teams buildup drama – Burnley are underside, having strung that moves together only 20 times. All but two groups have over double that. Five groups have already brought a century of sequences .
The Clarets will be the final team to muster a shot and have just done it twice. Nonetheless, it is not how Dyche wants them to become fashioning their openings. They progress faster up the area than all but one group although the metrics that are innovative show that Burnley possess minimum diameter per sequence of any team.
Football not flat.
It has its own advantages. By appearing long from their very own defensive third, Dyche has eliminated a lot of the danger from the game of Burnley. They have conceded by far the number of top turnovers of any group from the Premier League. Since Burnley dont attempt to keep the ball within their third, the ball can not be won by opponents in their very own third.
Of the 14 teams to have been in the Premier League for the previous four months, Burnley have left the fewest errors resulting in shots and also the fewest mistakes leading to goals. To illustrate just how damaging it can be to unsuccessfully attempt to play football, Fulham created errors than Burnley have in 3 resulting in shots in one season. They didnt last long.
Such is that the ubiquity of the pressing and passing game, theres also a benefit to Burnleys uniqueness in the attacking point of view. In a match where everyone else is pressing high, they can completely negate that. Indeed, not only are they not conceding opportunities from turnovers that are top theyre wanting to punish the high lineup of their opponents.
That was a criticism of Arsenal at the first part of the year when the side of Unai Emery continued to pass from the trunk against Watford and Liverpool – 2 groups well known because of their high pressing. The distance for Arsenal had been upfield, behind the opposition press, where theyd quality forwards in situations but did not exploit it.
Dyche summed up his approach to this battle of accomplishing a goal with a golf analogy that was very simple. If you can get it to the pit in significantly less shots than everyone else, that is what its all about, he argued. The notion of football is to attempt and win. You work backward from winning. But win you should. You must do everything you do to win.
He understands it would be simpler in some ways to go with the flow. But despite his insistence that we now haveno rights and wrongs to football and he pointing out that he would never say it was a disgrace which Manchester City pass much, another comment on the subject was showing. All managers would really like to play with 600-pass soccer and acquire all of the time, he explained.
Dyche has decided that his Burnley team cannot do this – and since they cant do it hes a duty. He also takes his responsibilities also badly to do anything other. If I went to another club with distinct skill sets, trust me, then I would play with a different way, hes stated. A pragmatist that is true?
What is fascinating is that Dyche is the only man about how to win, to attain his conclusion that is specific. Do others is Neville right they are feeling pressured into the type of groupthink that motivates them to play to the hands of their greatest clubs or see it differently. Dyche is the mentor willing to follow via his logic.
And what of? Burnley fans are much from humourless and enjoy chiding the opposition foranti-football – that the accusation once levelled at their aspect by David Luiz – whenever an opposition team strikes the ball long or cynically prevents a counter-attack. They are acutely aware of the perception. They do not always need to be reminded of it.
Consequently, some will continue to feel that some criticism of their style is unjustified. They will seem not to the 134 of the 160 Premier League games in which they had possession that is less and instead to a intelligent finish by Barnes or a by Dwight McNeil. Maybe they should embrace it. For the evidence is clear. Burnleys soccer is now unique.

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