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Bangladesh v Pakistan: Tigers can manage one final kill

Bang at it

Bangladesh may have been somewhat too Tiger-ish. After gorging on large game – South Africa – into their very first outing, their bellies have been complete. Sure, they weren’t pleased and although they swatted a paw now and then against the previous four, they didn’t have the nous to take down the other scalp.

Against Pakistan they won’t feel that success would be regarded as a shock. It is the standard. Bangladesh have won the last four and although it might be simple to worry whether they will be straining every sinew, one only needs to have a fundamental comprehension of the background of the two teams to guess they will be’at it’.

There are no lack of gun players. Shakib-al-Hasan, the participant of the championship, Tamim Iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahman, Mustafizur Rahman and Mohammad Saifuddin have enhanced their reputations.

Saifuddin, who has been excellent with all the chunk, boshed an unbeaten 51 against India at a gutsy Bangladesh series on Tuesday. The balance of the XI was eye catching with Mashrafe Mortaza batting at No 9.

Pakistan unfortunate
Pakistan may well feel aggrieved they haven’t made it into the semi-finals. They conquer England, who seem to be running into form at exactly the ideal time, and New Zealand, that have pipped them on net run rate. Their washed-out clash against South Africa probably robbed them of maximum points, too.

Given New Zealand’s pitiful efforts when they’ve come up against teams of notice, it is not unfair to wish that it was the men in green who had been advancing. Sure, they are sometimes chaotic but that’s precisely why you’d want them there. Who knows what they could have pulled from this hat?

The remember of Shaheen Afridi is a good illustration. Maybe if he was enjoying from ball one they wouldn’t have missed out. Afridi has taken ten wickets in four games.Lord’s wicket a little tricky
Here are the previous 17 first-innings scores at Lord (1/2 denotes game won by side batting second or first ): 243-1/285-1/322-1/308-1/153-2/328-1/251-1/309-1/300-1/227-2/220-2/272-2/280-1/246-2/265-1/277-1/235-2. As you can see there’s a trend – that the side batting first is going to have to post 280. Australia razed New Zealand with a lowly 243 but it is pretty much par for the course the New Zealanders panic when they are about to beat their old rivals. The 285 by Australia against England was more instructive. At the break it seemed a little light but the wicket does not play true and will hold up.

Disrespectful price about Tigers
After Pakistan beat New Zealand an older friend on Twitter requested: how can you predict exactly what Pakistan will do?

It’s pretty simple: not bet them when they are odds on. So we will be giving them a wide berth at no greater than 1.57. The 2.66 about Bangladesh is disrespectful awarded their head-to-head edge.

That wobble against Afghanistan by Pakistan hints at complacency if Pakistan reckon things are going to be easy. Fingers crossed that they are either smarting concerning the departure, assessing flight times or thinking they’re superior.

Imam worth a second follow
Shakib is, unsurprisingly, the hot favorite at 5/2 with Sportsbook for top Bangladesh honours. On two-year data he shouldn’t be as short but it’s hard to take him . We have a soft spot for Mushfiqur at 4s. For Pakistan, Imam-ul-Haq’s price is up and down. As 11/4 jolly he had been rated against Afghanistan. Following that failure he is now out top 9/2 having been consistent at 7/2. He’s got a win rate available on the market on two-year form. For best Pakistan bowler, Afridi gave us a nice winner in that match. Having a 31% win rate if you can get 5/2 or better it’s a bet.

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